geocontexting the printed world 1450-1900

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About Geocontexting the cultural industries

This map of creative industries serves as a gateway to various types of information on booksellers, printers, engravers, illuminators, and bookbinders.

By using the slider you can limit the Time span of your search, and by using the zoom function you can have a detailed view at any place worldwide. Persons and items show up as markers you can click.

The name in blue connects to a database (mostly CERL) with information on the person. There are further links to pictorial databases and to a wiki giving access to information elsewhere on the net.

In some cases a band of clickable pictures will appear on top of your screen. These images refer to the Arkyves database which shows all pictures in this database that are connected to the person.

This unique feature is a serendipity engine enticing you to explore the cultural environment of your research topic. The Arkyves database is available within the digital surroundings of selected institutions, if you would like a trial version please get in touch at:

Would you like to participate in this project?

You may want to add your own research to the map. Contact us with your suggestions. If suitable, you will be asked to create a spreadsheet in google docs that meets a few simple requirements and to send us the url in order for your work to be included. All edits that are subsequently made to your data will be regularly imported with an automated process.

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