An alphabetic listing of mottoes, sayings, proverbial expression, quotations, etcetera, entered in Iconclass notation 86(...)

On March 7th, 2014, almost 15,000 unique entries were found. For reasons of convenience and speed, the list is broken up in batches of circa 500 lines. The first and last entry of each batch are listed here.

Latin alphabet (Latin, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, English, etcetera)
'a autruy mort - ammaestrammento'
'amo' - autunno'
'auxiliare inopi' - 'clypeum confringit'
'coacta virginitas' - 'contre les vanteurs'
'contre richesse superflue' - 'das ungleiche bild'
'das ungleiche los' - 'de rave en 't schaep'
'de re terrena' - 'der bräunliche'
'der breite' - 'der saure'

Greek alphabet
αιτειτε - χαιρε