A gentle introduction

If you are new to Arkyves, the options you have may appear a little overwhelming, and it may take you a while to get an idea of its contents. The pages listed below will help you with both. They will give you an impression of what Arkyves holds in store; at the same time they will demonstrate the features available to you. Do invest some time in going over the various pages, follow the hyperlinks suggested to you, and you will end up with a fair idea idea of what Arkyves is about.

Serendipity trails and sample queries

With circa half a million objects in the database, and with quite an array of options for searching and filtering, a guided tour seems warranted. Here we have gathered the first handful of a growing number of short texts that serve as introduction to the contents of Arkyves. Every text contains links to sample queries which demonstrate how you could do your own searching and what kind of filtering options you have. Take your time to study the query results. Gradually it will dawn on you why we call the website a Serendipity engine. You will notice time and again that the mixture of motifs, broader themes and iconographic details will stimulate your own curiosity.

The Partner collections

As Arkyves is a collection of collections with the use of Iconclass for subject access as their common denominator, we first provide links to the Iconclass system and the various collections in Arkyves. From the short description of a collection you may follow the link to the original source website.

Useful or fun lists


Emblem books

Mottoes, sayings, proverbial expression, quotations

The Christmas Holidays.—The Boys' Letters Home

Portret van een meisje met speelgoed

Sluijters, Jan

Warnung vor den Katzen

unbekannt [Stecher]

Bedelaar met krukken en een houten been ()

prentmaker: anoniem

Bedelaar op een kussen ()

vermeld op object prentmaker: Quast, Pieter Jansz.

St. Martin, Bishop of Tours, gives part of his cloak to a beggar

St. Peter heals a lame beggar

Muis (in een val?)

tekenaar: Bernard, Jean

Satana beffa, settimanale di tutti i colori. A.1, n.1 (13 aprile 1919-)

Legend of the drunken monk, attacked by the devil in the shape of a bear and two lions

While weeping a crocodile attacks a man

Balli di Sfessania (serietitel)

naar eigen ontwerp van: Callot, Jacques

Aura probeert Harlekijn te verleiden

prentmaker: Passe, Crispijn van de (I)

Clowns met muziekinstrumenten

Fiedler, Herbert

Karel Appel in zijn atelier

Dekkinga, Cor

Portret van Vincent Willem van Gogh (1853-1890)

Gogh, Vincent van

Portret van een vrouw

Breitner, George Hendrik

Proverbii verificati, per l’esperienza cotidiana : come li megliori e più piacevoli informatori di massime salutifere : in 25 stampe leggiadre et esplicationi dé versi, al profito d’ogni uno / compilate e representati di Giovanni Cristofero Kolb, intagliatore in rame in Augusta = Durch di tägliche Erfahrung beglaubt gemachte Sprichwörter ... / von Johann Christoph Kolb, kupfferstecher in Augsburg

Galateus of welgemanierdheid. Door den doorluchtigen, én hoogwaardigen heer Giov. della Casa.