Serendipity trails: Visible poverty

The poor, the handicapped, beggars, vagrants and pariahs: the lower strata of society are well represented in Arkyves. We meet them in many different contexts and their status and circumstances may be expressed with a variety of means.

The use of visible deformities like a missing leg or a hunchback to suggest poverty is a commonplace that would warrant systematic research.

Giving alms, obviously, is a concept that presupposes the presence, or at least existence, of poor people as do biblical stories involving the poor. Have a look at the way the filters are used here in combination with a text search, and you can probably figure out how to combine a text search for poor, poverty, and the Dutch word armoe* with a structured filter that limits the search to scenes from the Old Testament. Reverse the filters and your query limits itself to the New Testament scenes

Poverty as an abstract idea we encounter in the Adages collected by Erasmus and in quite a few emblems, perhaps most strikingly in the emblems that deal with the obstacles the talented but poor student has to overcome.

Kreupele man in driewielig karretje

schrijver: anoniem

Heilige Elisabeth van Hongarije geeft een aalmoes aan een kreupele

vermeld op object prentmaker: Vellert, Dirck

The Acts of Mercy: sheltering strangers, burying the dead, visiting the sick, feeding the hungry, giving the thirsty to drink

Hippocresia: an old woman, holding a book and a chain of beads with a cross, feet like those of a wolf, gives a coin to a beggar

A man is helping a fallen man to his feet

A man is giving alms to a beggar while blowing a trumpet

Bedelaars en boeren (serietitel)

vermeld op object prentmaker: Quast, Pieter Jansz.

Armoede ()

vermeld op object prentmaker: Aldegrever, Heinrich

Frau gibt den Armen und Kranken.

Bock, Christoph Wilhelm [Stecher]

Bedelaars (serietitel)

naar eigen ontwerp van: Callot, Jacques

Bedelaar met een rozenkrans ()

naar eigen ontwerp van: Callot, Jacques

L'assiette au beurre

St. Martin, Bishop of Tours, gives part of his cloak to a beggar